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Advisory Board Luncheon 2016

L to R, Seated: Charles Jurek, Judith Laufer, Judy Babbitt, Freddie Esquivel, Richie Mulcahy. Standing: Ori Salame, Carol Larson, Shana Garcia, Kelly Trout, Karen Wright, James Meadours, Cathy Young.

Advisory Board
A permanent guidance body of men and women from the community with and without disabilities

Barbara Boehm

Jeff Garrison-Tate

Carol Larson

Judith Laufer

Aimee Jeffers Locke

Judi McCarthy

James Meadours

Kennis Price

Ori Salame

Kelly Dail Trout

Sayama Turner

Karen Wright

Cathy Young

SALSA was founded in 1992 as a family support group. It was an offshoot of the Arc of Texas training grant, Project Jobs, directed by Jeff Garrison-Tate.  Parents and siblings learned to be Employment Advocates for family members with intellectual disabilities.
Judith Laufer and Cathy Young led this group, as they endeavored to find jobs for their respective brothers, David and Richard.  The years 1995, -96, and -97 featured Intern for a Day, modeled on Take Your Daughter to Work, and pre-dating the national emergence of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.
In the following years, the group developed into a self-advocacy support group and changed its corporate name from Project Jobs of San Antonio to S.A.L.S.A., the San Antonio League of Self-Advocates.
SALSA  is a not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.


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