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also known as the Rock-Sand Book Club

(To understand this reference, see Memorial: Roxanne Ramos,

under the What Is Self-Advocacy tab)

The SALSA Book Club started in January 2020 as a weekly in-person gathering.  In response to Covid 19 restrictions, the book club went to Zoom in March 2020.

   There are nine members with IDD and three facilitator-members.  All twelve members take turns reading.

    We recently read Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl (abridged for young readers).  Followed by Rosa Parks: My Story.  After Christmas of 2020, we took a break from the historical biographies and read Dave Barry's Lessons from Lucy.  Barry is a humorist, and Lucy is a dog.  You can guess what a lot of fun we had with that one.

  Next, an ambitious choice suggested by member Gabby Polhemus and Facilitator Barbara Boehm -- a Nancy Drew trilogy about cyber bullying.  Lots of new abbreviations like BRB ("be right back") and  GR8 ("great").  Members vote on what they want to read.

    PEOPLE WITH IDD WHO DO NOT READ participate with an echo reader.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of ability.

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